Expanding into the Future!

Hi everyone, in the short time we have been around we have grown. Going from just a crazy idea between a few friends to a site with actual potential. We have gone from a place where we just wanted to write about the sport we love so much to actually getting to go behind the scenes and enter the press boxes of teams at the minor level and pro level. We are eternally thankful for all the support everyone has shown us. But sometimes you get to big for your own shoes. That’s why we are moving! Yup in the little time we have been with our site host we have grown beyond what they can offer us. So we are moving our site to a new host, one that gives us more control over how things go with the site. Good Night Good Hockey has packed all our gear and we are just waiting for the new host to finish some few things and we will be off on our next adventure. We have some great things in store for everyone and new exciting features that will be rolling out in the coming months.


Thanks again for all your support with helping a grow from just and idea to a reality. With the move there may be some bumps and sometimes things may not work right away. Please bear with us as we work out some kinks. If you have any issues please send an email to jmcbride@gnghockey.com I will work as fast as I can to correct the problem. Once the dust settles we promise to bring you the best content we can provide.


We love you guys

-The Good Night Good Hockey staff