The Takeover

2017 Takeover Links

Flyers – 3/13/17

Chuck Perry’s Pictures

Joe Pergola’s Pictures

Game Video

Royals – 4/1/17

Joe Pergola’s Pictures

Game Video (Coming Soon)

2016 Takeover Links

Flyers – 3/6/16

Chuck Perry’s Pictures

Game Video


The Takeover is a huge group outing between hockey fans, specifically fans of the Philadelphia Flyers. At the Takeover, we play hockey on the ice in the early afternoon, have a tailgate, and then we watch a professional game that night.

In 2015, I decided to start organizing this type of event with the members of r/Flyers on, families, and friends. After gathering all the information about the event from my rep from the Flyers, I started putting together the outing.

The date for last year was set for March 7, 2016 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The tickets were to cost $45, but I decided to have everyone send me $5 more. This was to pay for extra things, such as a photographer, custom pucks, and any other necessary fees.

After everything was organized, the date came and went without any big hiccups. 120 people came to the first event, and it was a major success.

I decided to form this event again for the 2016-17 hockey season but with a twist. Not only would we be having the Takeover at the Wells Fargo Center with the Flyers, but we would be having a Takeover with one of the Flyers’ minor league teams, the Reading Royals.

This will continue into the 2017-18 season.

– Dylan Coyle, /u/10phillyphan

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